Guernsey Farms Dairy #Ifoundguernsey Campaign

  • Share and Win Campaign Spikes Awareness, New Engagement

    Our client, Guernsey Farms Dairy, asked us to execute a quick and easy promotion to reach new and existing customers in a fun and engaging way, using native functionality to allow for simple and frictionless sharing.

    We worked with Guernsey and executed the #Ifoundguernsey campaign, asking their community to share a picture on social of them finding Guernsey products wherever they shopped, with the grand prize winning their favorite Guernsey products. After a three week campaign, using a mix of organic and limited paid distribution, we were able to get their brand in front of thousands of current and new customers.

  • Topline results:

    • People reached with promotion and brand message in Northville, MI and surrounding DMA: 18.2k+
    • Engaged users (likes, shares, comments, entries): 3.3k+
    • Produced outstanding user generated content for re-use across future marketing efforts
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