Because we worked at Facebook, Tumblr, Yahoo! and big Ad Agencies, we know the secrets to get results. We help businesses easily understand and utilize Social Media to engage their community, create advocates and drive sales through Social Media advertising campaigns.

What We Do

Social Media Audits & Strategy: We analyze your social media platforms and presence (as well as your competitors and like-minded contemporaries), provide prescriptive recommendations on where you can improve, develop strategy based on our findings, and execute on those recommendations

Full-Service Social Media Community & Reputation Management: We provide full-service support, including platform set-up and launch, daily content creation/scheduling/publishing/optimization, promotional sweepstakes execution, and social listening and other analytics/insights

Custom Creative Content: We provide strategic, best-in-class creative services for custom content, sweepstakes, and campaign development and execution

Social Media Advertising: We help you build smart media plans, execute and manage targeted advertising campaigns on appropriate platforms and ensure continuous optimization

Social Media Analytics: We provide full-service analytics ranging from social media referral web analytics and performance monitoring, to social media analytics and predictive modeling, that drive insights which enable us to continually adjust and optimize our efforts while demonstrating and maximizing ROI

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